When I was younger, I spent as much time as I could at the local library. It was a small, wooden building shaded by a ton of trees, and looked like something out of The Shire. Inside was old and cozy, as libraries tend to be. I would convince my mom to drop me off Read More →

Once the nice weather hits, it feels wrong not to be outside in it, enjoying every drop of sunshine that winter denied us. Obviously, I’m going to do so with a book (and probably iced coffee) in hand. Here are a few (or 8 to be specific) books that are best read paired with sunshine. The Nest Read More →

Someday I’ll learn that I’m either starting and finishing three books in as many days, or I’m ready nothing for weeks, sometimes months. It happens. This week was the three-book kind of week, and I inhaled three thrillers, all by women, and all of them left me needing to know more, and when I finished, Read More →

Recently, I’d had my eye on Kate Hamer’s The Girl in the Red Coat, because I can’t resist something with “The Girl…” in the title. (No one can at this point, right?) But still, I was hesitant to buy it because 1. It was a hardback and therefore pricey. 2. I hadn’t heard very much about Read More →