Billy Lynn’s Long Half Time Walk – Ben Fountain ($1.99 on Amazon) We Should All Be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ($1.99 on Amazon) I am Having So Much Fun Here Without You – Courtney Maum ($1.99 on Amazon) Outlander – Diana Gabaldon ($1.99 on Amazon) The DUFF – Kody Keplinger ($2.99 on Amazon) The Museum of Literary Souls – Read More →

It’s been a while since my last installment of Books on a Budget, and there are so many great deals available right now I just had to share them! (It was that or buy them all for myself). I also hope to do a “how to attack a library book sale” post soon, since there’s Read More →

I’m back once again with one of my favorite topics/features: books on a budget. I saw this morning that Beautiful Ruins was featured as Barnes and Noble’s deal of the day, and immediately went to take advantage of that. Then of course, I started going through everything else that was on sale. So here we have my findings! Most of Read More →

One of my favorite things is adding a book to my shelf after I’m done reading it. I love buying books and having them and maybe it’s a bit of a problem, but it’s a problem we all share. However, the book addict life can be an expensive one. SO, I wanted to put together Read More →