An Unexpected Let Down: The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

Don’t you hate when a book you thought you would for sure love lets you down?? The Perfect Mother was one of my most anticipated books of the year, and when I saw that it was a Book of the Month pick for May, I grabbed it immediately. Unfortunately, it was just more of the same plot “twists” that aren’t really twists, and characters I literally couldn’t tell apart.

The premise is promising enough: a group of mothers form a group called the May Mothers because they all had kids around the same time, and they share tips and frustrations at being new moms. Winnie is new to the group, keeps to herself, and is a single mom. The other moms aren’t sure what to make of her, but to bring her out of her shell, they organize a mom’s night out that goes all wrong. Winnie’s baby Midas (lol at that name, first of all) goes missing.

The main issue with this book is that none of the moms had enough of a personality to really tell them apart, including Winnie. I knew going in to take it with a grain of salt, but seeing this one compared to Big Little Lies, one of my favorite books, was also misleading. Are books about moms “the NEW BLL” the same way books about literally any women were “the NEW GONE GIRL”? Maybe.

If you’re looking for a good domestic thriller about motherhood, definitely pick up The Perfect Nanny or Big Little Lies if you haven’t already! The Perfect Mother is worth skipping for sure.

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  1. Well glad I skipped this one on BOTM! And so true about Big Little Lies…and the new Handmaid’s Tale too!