Review: What You Want to See by Kristen Lepionka

what you want to see by kristen lepionka

When I read Kristen Lepionka’s debut novel, The Last Place You Look, last year, I completely fell in love with the writing, the plot, and the driving force of the book, Private Investigator Roxane Weary. Once I saw that it was listed as “Roxane Weary #1” on Goodreads, I’d been hoping that meant more were coming. Enter What You Want to See, the second installment in Roxane’s story, which is being released in May. The literal second I saw this on Netgalley, I had to request it. I basically inhaled it in a day, which of course I now regret.

What You Want to See takes place months after the events of book one, and could easily be read as a standalone (but i recommend reading the first book first, it’s so good!) Roxane is hired at the beginning of the book to follow a woman named Marin, because her fiance believes she might be cheating on him. She’s been acting jumpy and strange and he can’t figure out why. After three days, nothing has turned up, Arthur’s check has bounced, and Roxane has called it quits on the whole thing. By the end of the week though, Marin is dead, and Arthur is the prime suspect.

I love this series because it’s never JUST a mystery/thriller. This book went down a path I never expected, creating a complex look at a family along the way. It looked at Roxane’s complex relationships with the people around her, and her attitude towards people who care about her. The writing is great, and Roxane’s wit and sarcasm keep you entertained even during the heavier moments of the story.

I hope this is a long series, because I absolutely love Roxane Weary, and can’t wait to see what she gets up to next.

Highly, highly recommend starting this series before the second installment comes out May 1st!!

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