5 Tips to Organize Your Ideas and Motivate Yourself to Blog Again

Hi friends! I know I was a mainly absentee blogger for much of 2017 for plenty of reasons, but ever since I fell back into it at the end of the year, I can’t stop. I remembered what it was that I loved about doing it, and I got back into the swing of building writing here into my daily routine, such as it is. I love how my blog looks, I love reading other peoples posts, and I want to keep it going! There are a few things that have been helping me stick with it this time around, but the main five are below!

1. Get into a rhythm:

I can’t say this enough. When I was tip-toeing back into posting, just getting something up, regardless of time or schedule felt like an accomplishment. And who doesn’t like feeling accomplished? I wanted more. So I wrote one at a time, and then started to build up to having a few posts scheduled at a time, so I never ended up feeling like I was “behind.” I know it’s something I do for fun, but the longer you DON’T do something, the harder it feels to go back to it. Even something you love! So if I had an idea, I tried to at least start a post, even if I ended up finishing it later.

2. Plan it out:

Once I had a bunch of ideas, I kept a running list in a notebook. Nothing crazy (I’m still mainly scared of bullet journaling, though I do love Plan With Me  videos!), but I would jot ideas down before I lost them, keep lists of books I wanted to talk about, books I wanted to read, and articles/posts by other people I liked. Then I started using the front page of my planner and filling in what posts were scheduled and when. Something about seeing it visually on the page motivated me to keep going and filling in the rest of the week, and eventually the rest of the month. I felt like I was ahead of the game! Since I write for other sites, and for a blog at work, the idea of a “content calendar” is always in the back of my mind, so this let me keep one,  in my own informal way.

3. Stimulate your brain:

I mentioned above that I write at work, and for a few other sites on a freelance basis. I am always thinking of new ideas. Which can really go one of two ways: it can burn me out, or it can inspire me. Lately, I’ve been doing more visual design at work, and less freelance writing. This leaves just enough of my brain to think of ideas for myself, for fun. The act of creating anything, even if it’s not related to this blog at all, inspires me to make more things. My mind will wander and I will come up with a topic out of nowhere, which is the best way to have something happen. Grab that notebook and write it down! You can come back to that later, or write it right away. Engaging your brain in different creative activities is one of the best ways to trigger other creative ideas.

4. Get visual:

For me, one of the best parts of reviving this space is creating my own “brand” so to speak. I spend so much time being on brand for other people that it’s so much fun to be myself here. I’ve FINALLY found a blog theme I really love, a color/font combo I can stick with, and a visual identity that I love recreating, that it makes me want to post more. Find what you like to look at, and create something for yourself that keeps you coming back. I love seeing a new post in my collection. I remember when I was first starting my blog theme and there was still a few stragglers out there that didn’t match, it drove me crazy! I used that as motivation to fill them in with new stuff. Now, I have pages in a matter of months.

5. Find bloggers you love:

I did a post on the three bloggers I read even when I wasn’t blogging, and they were really a big part of what inspired me to come back to mine! I loved the content they were putting out, the passion they had for their blogs, and the different ideas they were bringing to their sites. I missed it! Engaging with other bloggers is as much a part of blogging as the writing itself, so once you find those people, see what they’re doing. What is it about their site that keeps you coming back? Is there something you can incorporate into your own writing or blog? It helps to have an expanding source of inspiration and voices to draw from!

I hope this was helpful! I have only been back at this for a few moths, but these are some simple tips that really help me every day!

What motivates you to write? I would love to know!

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  1. So glad to see you’re back and I love all the posts you’ve been doing this year! I might need to take on these tips. I was super motivated and on fire at the end of last year and have lost that feeling a little bit…plus, life through us some serious curveballs in early 2018.