Review: The French Girl by Lexie Elliott

I’m working my way through some 2018 thrillers so I can put together an early 2018 list of most anticipated reads, which, for me mainly means thrillers. The French Girl by Lexie Elliott was one of the books I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. It has the word “girl” in the title, centers on a mysteriously missing young woman, so I’m thinking this will be getting a ton of buzz as we move into 2018.

This one tells the story of six friends as they spend one magical week in a farmhouse on the French countryside. Kate, Caro, Lara, Tom, Seb, and Theo are friends, relaxing on summer break from Oxford. Joining them is Severine, a childhood friend of Theo. Severine says little, only joining them in the pool, and causing just enough tension to make things uncomfortable. On their chaotic last night, there is a tangle of emotions fueled by alcohol, and the next day, Severine has gone missing. Ten years later, her body is found, and the five remaining friends must revisit one of the worst nights of their lives to try and figure out once and for all what could have happened to Severine.

This one gave me slight If We Were Villains vibes, which I was definitely wrong about, though I still really enjoyed the book. The French Girl was much more focused on the current lives of the group of friends, and moved seamlessly between the past and the present. It’s not often I see time jumps done so smoothly without alternating chapters, so that really stuck out. I also loved Kate, our main character, and the fact that we got to see into her life, including her new company and the struggles she was facing around that.

The only downside to this was the “reveal” fell a bit flat for me, and some of the characters were under-developed. One was there for literally no purpose as far as I could tell. This one kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through, and had a more literary feel to it, so if that’s your thing like it is mine, keep an eye for for this one, it hits shelves February 20, 2018!

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