5 Graphic Novels For YA Fans

If you’re a fan (like I am) of a great YA read, but don’t feel like, or can’t get into any “real” books, there are plenty of graphic novels that fit the bill if you’re in a reading rut. For some reason, when I can’t get into any novels, graphic novels always come through for me. Here are 5 of them that are perfect for YA readers!

Giant Days by John Allison: I LOVE this series. It’s funny, it’s relatable, and it’s about that transitional time of your freshman year of college. This follows four college roommates and best friends through their first year and all of its up, downs, and romances. It’s also hilarious, and has some Seinfeld references throughout, so really, what else could you want in a graphic novel?

Zodiac Starforce by Kevin Panetta: This one is perfect not just for YA fans, but for anyone who loves Sailor Moon. These five girls, each from a different zodiac, team up to save the world. IN THE NAME OF THE MOON, read this book!

Orange by Ichigo TakanoCheating a little here because this is a manga, but it is excellent. This was my first manga, and I haven’t looked back. This follows high school students in Japan who receive a letter from the future, advising them to keep their new friend Kakuro close. I couldn’t put this down, and immediately went in search of volume two when I finished the first one. A definite must read if you’re looking into reading manga for the first time.

Archie: The New Riverdale by Mark Waid: I picked this up because I loved the CW’s Riverdale, and the comic bind up was just as good. I never read the “classic” Archie comics from back in the day, but really loved this one, and immediately picked up volume two, in addition to marathoning the TV series.

Gotham Academy by Brendan Fletcher: Volume one of this series has been my favorite of the three so far, but all of them are worth picking up. The adventures of the young students of Gotham is funny and whimsical, and the perfect thing to pick up if you like the setting of a good superhero comic, but don’t want to commit to one.

What are some of your favorite graphic novels? I always want to find more! 

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