Review: The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda

Review: The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda

Megan Miranda’s forthcoming thriller, The Perfect Stranger is the story of Leah, a disgraced journalist forced to leave Boston for Western Pennsylvania, to a house in the middle of nowhere with a girl she hasn’t seen in eight years. Leah initially met Emmy Grey right after graduating college and being rejected from a job she thought she was a shoo-in for. Emmy let her stay with her for a fraction of the rent, and Leah always thought Emmy had saved her during her time in need.

Fast forward eight years, Leah hasn’t heard a word from Emmy since she joined the Peace Corps a few months after Leah moved in, when she bumps into her in a bar in Boston. Coincidence? Both looking for escape, they move to PA, a quiet, nothing town where they can disappear. But when a girl shows up nearly dead by the river, and Emmy vanishes, Leah has to question everything.

I started this book not knowing that it was technically a follow up to Megan Miranda’s 2016 hit, All the Missing Girls, which I haven’t read. Luckily, it read like a standalone novel, and one that I would recommend to thriller fans looking for something great (and with no risk of being compared to Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train). The plot was engaging and fast paced enough to make you want to read, but literary enough to be approachable to non-thriller readers.

Everything about this one was good, including the ending, the part most likely to make or break any thriller. The Perfect Stranger is out on April 11th — don’t miss this one!

*I was sent this book by Netgalley for review!

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