Review: The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

Review: The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

Nothing like a completely mind bending book to make you feel like you’ll never write another adequate sentence! But really, now I know what everyone was talking about last year when The Bone Clocks was released. It’s a book that feels more like you step inside of it  rather than sit down and read it. It makes you think, and it makes you completely, fall out of your chair amazed the entire way through.

The Bone Clocks starts with 15 year old Holly Sykes, who has an argument with her mother over her boyfriend. Pretty basic, right? Wrong. Holly has always been susceptible to messages from something she knows only as The Radio People, and that day she leaves home, irrevocable things are set in motion, and Holly and her family will never be the same again.

Holly and everyone she loves are involved in a war on the very fringes of reality, and as the book goes on, we see more and more what is causing this war, and who it involves. Told in changing perspectives over more than 600 pages, The Bone Clocks is not a book you can breeze through, but definitely one worth spending all the time you can with.

It’s going to be hard to pick a follow up book to something as crazy and imaginative as this one, so if you’re like me and haven’t picked this one up yet, DO IT! And then come talk to me about it, because right now I’m trying to hand it to just about anyone who will take it.

Where should I go next in my David Mitchell reading?

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  1. The main character of this book is named Holly? Sign me up! I’ve never read anything by this author but I’ve always wanted to read Cloud Atlas. I think I might start with this one, though- it sounds so interesting! Great review!

  2. This is such a hard book to review, but you did a great job! I would definitely recommend Cloud Atlas if you haven’t read it yet. It doesn’t have a supernatural element like The Bone Clocks does, but it’s totally mind-bending and thought-provoking, and the characters are fantastic.

  3. Yet another one on my perpetual “I hope to get to it sooner rather than later” list! I tried to read Cloud Atlas earlier this year but fell off that horse. I should give it another try, or maybe switch it up with this one!

  4. I’m currently reading this! I just finished An Horologist’s Labyrinth, which, although confused me a bit, kept me up all night and made me wake up a little earlier to finish the few pages that I intentionally did not read because, well, I want to stretch the suspense a bit longer.