Review: Finders Keepers by Stephen King

Review: Finders Keepers by Stephen King

I waited a year for this book, and finished it in three days. It’s the struggle I’m sure we all know well, but when will I learn to stop and enjoy it?? I loved Mr. Mercedes last year, and naturally couldn’t wait to get my hands on Finders Keepers this summer.

Stephen King brings back his well loved group of investigators, now part of a company known as Finder Keepers. Bill Hodges, Holly Gibney, and Jerome Robinson make an unlikely, but amazing team of detectives. But first, readers are brought into the lives and minds of fellow readers.

1978: Morris Bellamy falls in love with the Jimmy Gold trilogy by his beloved author John Rothstein. But he doesn’t like the ending to the books, and does what any rational (sorry, did I say rational? I mean crazy) fan would do: kills the author and robs him of everything he has. Including over 100 filled notebooks. But things go wrong, way wrong, before Morrie can open even one.

2008: Pete Saubers finds buried treasure. Buried treasure in the form of the abandoned notebooks and all the money from Rothstein’s safe. A dedicated reader with a family close to falling apart, Pete does what any kid would do: he sends the money to his parents.

But Morrie Bellamy is far from gone, and he wants his notebooks back. 

I really enjoyed this. Stephen King writes from both sides: the beloved author, and a devoted reader, which made this incredibly interesting from both perspectives. The stolen notebooks found by a young kid reminded me of my favorite book The Goldfinch, which is just, yes.

The one thing I didn’t like about this book though, was all the pop culture references thrown in for no reason at all. The Fault in Our Stars, 22 Jump Street, and Pretty Little Liars were all mentioned, seemingly for no reason. I couldn’t even tell you why this bothered me, aside from it took me out of the book and back into real life.

Overall, Stephen King delivered with this one just as much as Mr. Mercedes, and I already can’t wait to see where he takes the final installment in this trilogy next!

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  1. I remember being a bit bothered by pop culture references in Mr. Mercedes too, I think. I liked Mr. Mercedes, but much less than some of King’s other books, so I’m not sure this is the next one of his books I’ll pick up. I’m glad you enjoyed it overall 🙂

    1. They serve no purpose! I feel like maybe he’s proving he’s ~with it~ when it comes to pop culture or something, and he definitely doesn’t need to!