Review: Ms. Marvel: Generation Why

wpid-1427846160210.jpgIf you’re not reading Ms. Marvel yet, I’m going to have to stop you right there and ask: WHY! I can admit that I know comics aren’t for everyone, but this one really could be. Do I realize I said this about Saga, you ask? Well, yes. But. Ms. Marvel is great.

This one has LOCKJAW, Ms. Marvel’s newfound companion! It has an evil bird scientist, and most importantly, it has Ms. Marvel being the amazing superhero I hope girls read and can look up to.

Plus, the writing is really funny. Kamala is clearly dealing with high school drama and parents the same way anyone else would…she just runs off to stop some seriously creepy stuff from going down in the middle of class from time to time.

I’m pretty horrible with keeping up with individual issues of the comics themselves. They come out too frequently and they get lost, somehow. But I love the paperback editions, and have been waiting for this since I closed Volume One months ago.

It didn’t let me down. I’m excited to see where Kamala goes next. If you don’t read comics but maybe want to, I think Ms. Marvel is a great place to start!

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