5 Reasons ‘Saga’ is the Comic Series You Can’t Miss

PicMonkey CollageI’ve written a couple times about comic books and how they’re pretty intimidating to get into. I recently started my journey into the genre, however, and have been pleasantly surprised by how much I love them!

I got caught up on volumes 2 and 3 of Saga this weekend, and I’m already sad that there’s only one more volume to go before it’s back to single issue comics. Those are one thing I can’t seem to commit to. Give me a book of five or so comics combined and I’m good. I’m too impatient to wait for weekly installments! (Maybe that’s why I can’t get into any TV shows?)

Anyway, if you’re looking for a slow descent into the comic/graphic novel world, I’m here to make the trek with you. Here are five reasons you should be reading Saga:

1. It’s so funny. Alana is so sarcastic, sassy, and makes you kinda want to be a former army Private, on the run from some seriously scary government drones. Okay, maybe not. Izabel, their ghostly babysitter is equally dry humored and great to read.

2. The great role models. These are definitely not for kids but Alana, Izabel, The Stalk, Klara, and Gwendolyn (so really, all the female characters with a story line) don’t take anything from anyone, are fiercely independent, and make great role models for girls and women.

3. The art is fantastic. Fiona Staples is so incredibly talented, and her art is (obviously) what makes Saga as incredible as it is. But that brings me to…

4. The story lines. There are always two or more stories occurring simultaneously, including one narrated by Alana and Marko’s infant daughter, Hazel, speaking from the future.

5. Lying Cat. Of all the reasons to love this series, this cat might be the best part. He is drawn so well and even though he only says one word (“Lying”) in all three volumes, he is fiercely loyal to The Will and everyone he comes to feel protective over. I need a Lying Cat of my own, ASAP.

Have you read Saga? What other comic/graphic novel series have you been loving lately?

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