Well, you know the summer of reading 15-18 books a month has officially come to an end when a wrap up post is going to consist of just 3 books, it’s been raining for a week straight, and the pool is officially closed for the season. *Sad trombone* But, despite those things, I read some Read More →

August Reading Wrap-Up

It seems like we were only just planning out summer reading lists, when all the sudden, summer is over. How did it happen? How am I sitting here on Labor Day Weekend yet again? I’m not complaining about a day off and beautiful weather (at least so far it’s been beautiful), but seriously, HOW? I Read More →

Untitled design (7)

Tana French is without a doubt one of the best thriller/crime writers around. Probably better than Gillian Flynn if we’re being super honest, which I am. Her books delve so deeply into the personal lives of the characters that they leap off the page. They really feel like someone you know. Frank Mackey could be Read More →