You will know me by megan abbott

I fell in love with Megan Abbott’s writing last year, and immediately flew through all of her books, as one does. Of course, I immediately regretted that choice because then I was done and there was no more Megan Abbott. Naturally, when I found out about You Will Know Me, I was ecstatic. This time, Abbott writes Read More →

July Reading Wrap-Up

The summer is somehow more than halfway over and I am NOT OKAY. I did read a lot (17, somehow) of books this month, as has been the trend for this summer, so I shouldn’t complain. Plus, there’s been a ton of pool and sun time, a Luke Bryan concert, and a new Harry Potter Read More →

Read, Watch, Listen

I could pretend that this supernatural themed post is inspired by something other than my recent obsession with Netflix’s new series, Stranger Things, but that would be a lie, and I’m not here to lie. Here is my roundup of all things supernatural, if you’re into that kind of thing. I’m actually not, usually, and I still Read More →