the nix by nathan hill

Wow guys. I haven’t had a book I’ve loved this much in what feels like forever. I’d seen The Nix around a lot last year, and based on the cover (we’ve all done it) it looked politically charged and really not for me. It wasn’t until Max at Well Done Books started comparing reading this book to The Read More →

I am always on the hunt for a new thriller that is actually…thrilling. Everything is being compared to Gone Girl upon conception, so how do you know if something is as page-turning as a Gillian Flynn book? I’ve started ignoring those comparisons, like most people, because they have saturated absolutely everything with a female protagonist. Luckily, Read More →

the girl before by jp delaney

The Girl Before was getting a lot of buzz early this winter for its suspenseful plot and of course, Gone Girl comparisons. It tells the story about Emma and Jane, at alternating points in time, as they move into a mysterious house built by an even more mysterious architect. The house comes with more than a Read More →

the perfect stranger by megan miranda

Megan Miranda’s forthcoming thriller, The Perfect Stranger is the story of Leah, a disgraced journalist forced to leave Boston for Western Pennsylvania, to a house in the middle of nowhere with a girl she hasn’t seen in eight years. Leah initially met Emmy Grey right after graduating college and being rejected from a job she thought Read More →